Synthetic Urine or Detox Pills: Preps for a Drug Test

Are drug detox pills/ products safe and effective?

The legal status of marijuana in the USA is constantly under change. While several states havelegalized marijuana, some only allow in for medicinal use. Then there are other states that were still waging war against the use of marijuana, demanding people to clear drug tests before they try to enroll in a school or get a job. The situation gets even worse if somehow a person ends up in an accident. As for the use of other drugs, the structures are just as bad.

But this has not stopped deterred people from using cannabis or drugs. However, people have very little idea or information about detox pills and products. When hard-pressed in the need to pass a drug test, they’ll try almost anything from a tea to tablet to detoxify their blood. In most cases, the products that are sold in the name of detox kits are absolute garbage and unhealthy for the body.

If a person is going to invest in a detox kit, they should atleast invest in one that works, and one that would guarantee immediate result. To know about such products, one must do a little research of their own. To start with, you can follow the reviews of the detox kits at become aware of the quality of various brands.


What are the alternative ways to pass a drug test?

Detox kits work but they take a little time. For regular smokers, however, detox kits might prove to be futile. For people who have more serious needs and who cannot undertake any risk regarding the test, there is synthetic urine available in the market. While your urine sample might still contain traces of drug after intense detoxification, the synthetic urine ensures that the sample is absolutely clear.

One can choose from various brands of synthetic pee (visit to know of the best brands and their prices). The sample urine is synthetically manufactured with the latest advancement in technologies. Developed in labs, they are certain to pass the test.

Detox drinks or synthetic urine?

Detox drinks/ pills might seem like a more convenient option, but the trouble is their effect lasts only a few hours, they take time to work, they do not guarantee 100% safety, and one has to abstain from drugs/ cannabis for the detox kit to work. The synthetic urine, on the other hand, takes care of all these shortcomings and therefore, is a much safer alternative.