What Marvels Await Us in 2018 as Science & Technology Grows?

Although future predictions is a trend is a kind of a taboo within the science community, it is only safe to assume that this year is likely to see some radical leaps in the scientific field. 2017 was a year when we finally detected gravitational waves. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin changed the way to approach business endeavours, and the online transaction has become the norm.

Medical sciences also saw drastic improvements as the year gave us the gift of modern bio-pharmaceuticals and genetically modified embryos.

Therefore, 2018 can indeed be a year of surprises as predicted by many tech gurus around the world. Following are some gems that are on the cards for 2018:

  1. IOT with Blockchain

IOT or the internet of things allows us to exchange data to and from various electronic gadgets. Although many people around the world have not been able to utilise this facility fully, experts are already planning to add another dimension to it. It will make data more secured by preventing potential hackers, as the information will be encrypted.

Fusing IOT with Blockchain technology will make procurement of data and gaining access to websites a bit easier. Further, as Blockchain technology does not permit the presence of a central server, a widely spread Blockchain-IOT network can easily validate transactions of any kind.

  1. Bitcoin goes mainstream, so does other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, the new buzzword that came into prominence in 2017 might finally become a global phenomenon. A Financial transaction is likely to become dominated by Cryptocurrencies, with the world’s leading 1300 Cryptocurrencies battling it out for bragging rights.

Bitcoin, the most well known of them all is set to reach an increase in market growth of something around 99%, followed by Bitcoin Cash which is tipped to see a growth of around 76%.

  1. Evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI will come of its age with the ability to perform a plethora of functions with just the initial configuration. Narrow AI or function-specific AI will become a thing of the past with a single AI holding the capacity to take on new challenges without reconfiguration.

The notion of a self-renewing system will not be any longer distant as a formulation of analytics and formulas will transform the information is managed. Business operations too will never be the same again, thanks to AI that will be able to forecast and compare performances of an organisation.

  1. More about the Milky Way

Scientists are likely to come up with more information about stars in our residential galaxy with pinpoint accuracy. A structured and verifiable 3D map of the Milky Way is also something that scientists are contemplating on making. It will be able to share some fundamental insights about the galaxy.

  1. Technological advancements in Gene Editing

2017 was a landmark year for the medical sciences, with the first patient in history receiving successful Genome treatment for a rare disease. 2018 might very well be the year when Genome Editing is applied in curing diseases like Haemophilia and HIV.

These are only some aspects that have been pointed out by the experts and only time will tell the extent to which our life changes because of these innovations.