Science and Arts – A Complicated Relationship….Or is It?

A blunt debate over the differences between science and romanticising on its similarities will not help us to understand how the two are related. However, it will only be fair to say that man needs a bit of both-Subjectivity (i.e. Arts) and Objectivity (i.e. Science).

Science lays down the path travelling through which a person can gain knowledge. Whereas, art is the expression of that knowledge, in the form of painting, music, writings etc.

Let’s look into the similarities between the two

  1. Since the beginning of human consciousness, there has been an attempt to understand the world we live in. Many consider that this inquisitive nature gave birth to science which found its expression through art. Thus, both of these two branches aim at nothing else but the explanation of the world and its peculiarities.
  2. Both scientists and artists are related since both need innovations to stay relevant. Not only is this, but their ability to reach out and communicate is also critical. A scientist struggles and goes through the rigours of academia to come up with something new, and an artist has to scribble infinite sketches before he/she can come up with something extraordinary.
  3. Both artists and scientists have to come up with new techniques and technologies that will help them in creating revolutionary things. For this, a scientist has to conduct numerous trial and error experiments whereas an artist has to find new ways to communicate their ideas and gather feedback.
  4. Both the disciplines have subcategories, like applied science (which is known as Technology) and applied art (known as decoration). However, these spin-offs, unlike the main branches, do not assist in understanding the natural systems.

Now let’s analyse the differences

  1. Emotion, feeling, sensation and perception-these are some of the things that motivate the artist. Artist provides the creator with the scope of crafting based on his/her individuality. The final product is something which is genuine. It creates strong emotions in the observer. Thus unlike science, art is something that appeals more to the heart.
  2. Science is much more arid. Logic, reason, reality and truth are some of the things that push scientific endeavours. Emotions act as a hindrance in the path of scientific progress. Individual perception has to give way to evidence and reality. Logic reigns supreme, leaving behind artistic fantasies.
  3. Also, science is concerned with truth, with the investigation of the various worldly processes that govern our existence. Scientific methods provide us with guidelines that are paramount to concluding. Results are compared with already existing evidence by scientists.

  1. An art, on the other hand, is more concerned with culture and beauty. Although a certain degree of discipline is required to master any form of art, it does not demand the same extent of rigidity from the practitioner.

In hindsight, it must be remembered that the similarities and differences between the two are closely intertwined, and their intersection is vital for understanding either of the two. Both are equally important in understanding our planet and the vast space surrounding it.