Science – An Odyssey of Change and Progress…

“The only thing that is constant, is CHANGE”, said Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher. And, what better example of this can there possibly be other than that of science – the very embodiment of change.

From space travel to deep sea explorations, from the wheel to the modern cars and from books to computers, science has vastly changed the way we live. The Industrial Revolution brought science into the limelight, and since then, scientific endeavours have become more commercial. This, however, does not mean that inventions like the fridge, television and the air conditioner have not impacted our way of living.

Let us look at some more instances of how science has changed our lives:

  1. Simple solutions to problems

In the past centuries, it was deemed impossible to treat diseases like tuberculosis. Modern medicine has not only solved this issue but is also trying to come up with permanent cures for fatal diseases like AIDS and cancer.

Significant developments in transportation have enabled us to travel long distances in lesser time. Whereas, progress in communication technology has allowed us to transmit information from one corner of the world to another.

  1. More knowledge of space

We no longer have to leave questions about our universe on faith alone. The discovery of the fact that the universe came into existence from nothing more than a single point revolutionized our way of perceiving the world. The Bing Bang along with readings from the Hubble telescope reinforced this by indicating that the cosmos is continuously expanding.

  1. Eradication of superstitions

From time immemorial human beings have been prone to detrimental superstitions that were barriers to progress. Practices like astrology and blind faith are loosing more and more grounds as scientific inquiries are rendering them useless.

  1. Computers – an inseparable part of our lives

It is known to all how computers and mobile phones have profoundly affected the way we go about our lives. Social media has been a revolution like no other as far as human interaction goes. Gone are the days when a phone was only used for talking. Television with high quality, real life pictures and movie theatres with 3D motion pictures and surround sound have given a new meaning to the term entertainment.

Computers have also helped in detecting diseases with inventions like X-ray and MRI scans. Computers, especially the internet has become the go-to medium as far as looking upon symptoms go.

  1. Electricity

Perhaps the most important of all scientific discoveries, electricity has indeed transformed the way we live. Industrial and agricultural outputs have witnessed exponential growth which has, in turn, improved our living standards. From drawing water to lifting heavy objects and from lighting up our cities to moving trains, everything is done with the help of electricity.

The unquenching thirst for knowledge has always been a powerful motivator for mankind. Science, rising out of this thirst has not only shown us the way but also helped us in finding many definite answers. Science has been a collective victory of common sense over ignorance, and from the looks of it more radical scientific progress is on the cards.