Everything you need to know about car insurance Type 1

Have you heard about type 1 insurance policy for cars? If not, then you must know everything about this insurance policy to avail all the benefits in future time. Many times, it is often recognized as a “first-class” car insurance policy which comes with a wide range of coverage. Normally, when talking about car insurance, people understand to claim the amount as declared legally by the government. Though, this type of insurance policy covers the amount which is above the limit dictated by the legal authorities. For more details, continue with the reading and grab some important knowledge about this insurance policy.

Certain benefits attached to ประกัน รถยนต์ ชั้น 1

While comparing the car insurance policies, one search for the beneficial aspect associated with each type of policy. In the case of first-class insurance police, one gets to enjoy a couple of benefits. It covers claims for self-accident, an accident with another vehicle on the road, theft cases, fire, terrorist attack, bail bond, and so on. Apart from this, certain other benefits are mentioned below:

Wide coverage of risks

With type 1, you’ll get good coverage for your vehicle. Suppose your car hits with a pole, tree, footpath, or any other road vehicle. What will you do in such a case? It is always good to get a car insurance done in advance. With type 1 insurance, there is nothing to worry about since you can easily claim the coverage for damage.

Easy claim for your car

In the first-class insurance policy, you’ll get to claim the complete market value for the damage occurred on your car. In case, you get hurt during the car accident, then you’ll also get medical relief.

What things are not covered within a car insurance type 1?

It is good to learn about certain exceptions before heading towards type 1 insurance. Generally, the cars which include any modifications are not covered under this policy. In case, your car is already damaged, then this damage will stand out in the exceptions.