How to Make Big Career in Thailand By Joining Siam Cement Group (SCG)

scg สมัครงาน

Siam cement Group (SCG), founded over a century ago on December 08, 1913, is the oldest and leading cement and building company in Thailand and Southeast Asia. This large group has four big divisions such as SCG Chemicals, SCG Packaging, SCG Cement-Building, and Materials. The group has its location in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. The company has billions of worth of assets and revenues. This is the only Thai company that creates a large number of job openings every year. SCG is the best indigenous group for lucrative career in the country.

scg สมัครงาน

What SCG offers to the society

SCG internship programs, SCG career events and SCG placements are quite encouraging for meritorious students and potential job-seekers. SCG internship program starting from school year is a source of good motivation for passionate students to join and learn the skill to become the future leader of the country. SCG career events are source of information for students and fresh job-seekers to decide their future career. A job-seeker can visit the company’s website to search currently available jobs. scg สมัครงาน can also be submitted online on the SCG website. SCG advertises lot of openings in Communications & Branding, Digital & Information Technology, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, and more functional areas.

SCG core values

The corporate culture of SCG is committed to the four core organizational values: Integrity and Ethics, Respect, Innovation, and Drive. The company is a role model for corporate governance and the core values, the motivational force behind the success, have passed on from generation to generation to make this group a leader for over a century.

scg สมัครงาน

Why to join SCG?

SCG is an inspiration for people work and progress; SCG is for innovative ideas; SCG is for learning and working endlessly with scholarships; SCG is for owning your personal power; SCG is for following the pace of modern technology; and SCG is for transition to a new life.