Protecting your aircraft against Reactive Overload Clutch

With greater advancement in technology, every industry is witnessing a drastic development in their industry. It is of no secret that even the Aviation industry has undergone tremendous development in innovation and technology and they are stepping into the next generation. For instance, breeze eastern corporation have made significant development in clutch technologies which can immensely protect your aircraft from fatal hazards.

Everything you need to know about Reactive Overload Clutch (ROC)

There are instances when the aircrafts cables are subjected to variable pressures when they exceed the load limits. There are major consequences when the cables exceeds the load limits. When overdone, it can overstress the wings or cables and result in the failure of the aircraft structure. To ensure that the aircraft cables doesn’t exceed the limits, a lot of measures have been taken and many new approaches are followed.

breeze eastern corporation

Apparently, breeze eastern corporation’s Reactive Overload Clutch (ROC) has significant results. It offers an increased level of protection when there is a sudden or intense force. It has the potential to avoid sudden snatching, swinging and stopping of the suspended loads. Because of greater success, this innovation has been installed in more than 100 US coast guard helicopters.

Benefits of Reactive Overload Clutches (ROC)

The major advantage of this innovative approach is, ROC can adjust the air pressure either by increasing or minimizing the set torque.  The clutches are equipped with reaction plates and sensors which can mechanically disconnect the output from the input when the cable exceeds the load limits. This in turn can avoid damage caused by machine driven overloads. Due to its rugged construction and enhanced overload capacity, it offers increased efficiency and reactive power capability.


Factors affecting the weight and balance of any aircraft are critical so appropriate measures has to be taken to avoid fatalities.