How Does Keeva Organics Utilize Tea Tree Oil to Fight Acne

Choosing the right product for skin care is essential. However, it can be quite tricky as well. When it comes to acne products, the Keeva acne treatment creams help in treating acne and other issues it causes. Made from entirely natural ingredients, this product from Keeva Organics uses tea tree oil as its primary ingredient.

What exactly is Tea Tree Oil?

If you have never heard of Tea Tree oil, you wouldn’t know about its efficacy in treating acne. Also known as Melaleuca alternifolia, it has a reputation for being great anti-inflammatory and antiseptic oil.

It has been used for hundreds of years, and the results are in support of its effects. There is yet to be more research done on the ingredient. However, present information suggests that the natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties are excellent for the skin. Tea tree oil is proven to be safe as well.

How does it help in fighting acne?

It is quite easy to explain why tea tree oil is helpful in fighting acne issues. The main cause of acne is bacteria that are carried by dirt and clog the skin pores. Clogging of the pores results in inflammation of the skin, which is evident in the form of huge red pimples.

Keeva Organics has utilized the antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil for developing the acne treatment product. Most importantly, it helps in reducing the amount of bacteria on your skin by killing it. Fewer bacteria imply lower chances of acne development. Even if you do end up getting pimples, the anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil come into play. It helps in reducing the size and redness of the pimples.

Blending with other ingredients

Even though tea tree oil is the primary active ingredient of Keeva acne treatment creams, it has other ingredients as well. These additional ingredients improve the potency and effectiveness of the product. Some of these ingredients include deionised water, rosehip seed oil, olive oil, sesame seed oil, salicylic acid, argan oil, grape seed extract, etc.

The combination of these ingredients provides benefits like brighter skin tone, relieving redness and irritation, as well as balance and control oily skin. Some of its elements also help in unclogging the pores, which helps in removal of whiteheads and blackheads. By blending all these ingredients with tea tree oil, Keeva Organics has created an effective product for fighting acne.